Engine Tuning

Racing and tuning cars since the 1970's, EFI software tuning of all of the popular Engine ECU types from, Europe, USA and Japan.

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Tuning all types of Engines EFI and Carbureted

RCTS has tuned many race engines over the past 30 years Tuning sessions can be requested using our Dyno Tuning Request Form


Regular Service & Repairs

All makes, service to ; Drivetrain, brakes , oil change, track inspections, Diagnostics & Troubleshooting


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Automotive Repairs and service

We take pride in our work and enjoy working on many different types of cars


Fabrication & Custom Projects

Custom fabrication, welding, engine swaps, electronics conversions, ECU conversions, OE, Motec and HKS V-Pro


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Custom Projects Japanese European and Domestic

RCTS has built countless American Pony, European, and Japanese Sports cars





See list below of other Services we offer:

Parts sales - from many factory brands and automotive performance products, we sell only the best quality products and install and service our brands, please refer to PRODUCTS section for product line.

General Automotive Licensed Service and Repairs, Engine, Drivetrain, Electrical, Chassis, Brakes, Cooling, Power Steering.

Custom Engine Building and Tuning, see blue links or under the gallery top tab to see a few of the many hundreads of engines we have built over the last 20 years.

•Custom Welding and Fabrication of special parts and Intercooler and exhaust systems.

Dyno Tuning - Engine base line testing using Chassis Dyno Engine Test using Dynojet 248E Dynamotor, giving customers full data of engine performance and tuning condition. Baseline runs cost $225.00 , including setup , three runs removal and data printouts. After this first setup fee long hours on the dyno are charged out at $125.00 per hour.

Our dyno is a Dynojet 248E, it is called the NASCAR dyno because it's is what NASCAR uses to test cars all around the circuts. The Dynojet is certified accurate to 2 decimal places, and will always produce accurate data, no mater which Dynojet you use ours or one somewhere else. Our wide band on the Dyno computer is certified in our shop using test gas set at 13 AFR. Click this link to request a dyno session

EFI Custom Engine Dyno Tuning services using authorized and licensed leading edge software and computer technologies from:

In alphabetical order!

AEM –Series 1, 2 [note: RCTS is factory authorized Tuning Dealer]

Apexi -Power FC [note: RCTS is factory authorized Installing & Tuning Dealer]

Haltech –Platinum Pro

HKS Co., Ltd Japan -F-Con Vpro [4.0, 3.3E, 3.2, 3.1 and 3.0x] F-Con S, SZ, IS [note: RCTS is factory authorized Installing & Tuning Dealer]

Hondata -S300, Kpro, Flash Pro [note: RCTS is factory authorized Installing & Tuning Dealer]

HP Tuners –All GM Ford Dodge, click to see [currently supported list] RCTS also correctly tunes many GM, Chev LS 1 and all LS motors, in Trucks, Vetes, SUV's using HPTuners Pro Software, acheving better than factory tuning for each vehicle. Our tunes are to within 1% error using custom histograms to compare demanded AFR to acutal delivered with the narraow band feedback turned off. LS3, LS4, LS7, LS7.R, LSX, LS9 and LC9. As well we do Cobalt SS i4 supercharged engine with upgraded injectors and increased boost. 2.0 L I4 SC LSJ, 2.0 L I4 Turbo LNF and 2.4 L I4 LE5. After more than four years of testing with our in house 6.1 Hemi Charger SRT8 In April 2015 RCTS is finally able to correctly tune the Chrysler 5.7, 6.1, 6.4, Hellcat Hemi engines in the Jeep, Dodge Ram Trucks, LX Cars, Challenger, Charger, 300, and Magnum using custom software for tunes to engines that are stock or highly modified. For years companies have been selling performance parts for these cars even though we were unable to change the tuning in a correct maner, yielding damaged engines and cars that run worse than if left stock.

RCTS MS3 and other models using the new EFI Analytics TunerStudio

Vi-PEC –i44, i88 ECUs [RCTS has tuned winning 996 Porsche and Subaru WRX with the i88]

MoTec –M4, M48, M84, M800, [note: RCTS is factory authorized Installing & Tuning Dealer]