• Software Tuning on Dynojet
    We have the latest Dynojet Dyno hardware and software in house mounted in the floor of our own building
  • We own our own Facility
    By buying and owning our shop building, we can stay ahead of other shops by being competitive with tuning labor and shop rates
  • Clean and Organized Work Space
    We always keep our work space looking clean and organized, we believe it takes a well organized work space to achieve high quality finished products
  • Tuning Real Race Cars
    RCTS over in Australia with the Red Trout Racing Team, Class 8 Win, building cars that run strong even if they have to run hard is what we are all about
  • Factory Team Support
    RCTS has been tuning the fantastic HKS F-Con Vpro ECUs for more than a decade! All Japanese cars supported
  • Racing Experience
    RCTS Canada Red Trout Racing Rally Supra has many Class 8 wins in Targa Newfoundland and Targa Tasmania, Australia
  • Testing our Work
    Only the test of pounding a car over 75,000 miles of competing in the One Lap of America 7 times can be the final test that the products we sell and support are the best in the business!
  • Custom Engine Swaps
    Pushing our custom built lexus IS300 Twin Turbo VVTi to the limit at One Lap of America with sponsorship from Lexus and HKS.
  • Dinan BMW Cars
    RCTS Canada has been building Dinan cars for more than 12 years! In fact RCTS has training and services,from Dinan, well above any BMW dealer based Dinan Dealer. We have done many S3 and high end Dinan Builds

ABOUT: We are Licensed and Authorized Professionals

RCTS performs leading edge automotive engine building, EFI software tuning, carburetion tuning, distributor spark curving, troubleshooting and diagnosis repair. With many years of experience building road, rally and drag race cars. RCTS specializes in service and performance software tuning to many different manufacturer cars and drivetrains from USA, Europe and Japan. RCTS can Fuel Inject any type of engine or car model: Acura, Austin, BMW, Chevrolet, Datsun, Dodge, Ford, GM, Jeep, Honda, Infinity, Lamborghini, Lexus, Lotus, Mazda, Mercedes Benz, Mini, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Smart, Toyota, etc. All our staff are highly trained profesionals with many years experience in all their fields. Meet the RCTS Staff

Reg Riemer of Calgary Alberta, Canada, was born in Saskatoon in 1962. Reg was raised and trained by his father Professor Paul Riemer and his older brother Greg.  He started to become very interested in Automobiles, Motorcycles, machines and tools at a very early age. He undertook many projects as a kid, he built motorbikes with his brother and he built and restored his first car, a 1965 Plymouth Barracuda V8,years before he would be old enough to drive it. Soon after finishing his studies in Saskatoon, at College Park Public School, Evan Hardy High School and attending U of S, Reg left Saskatoon in 1983, to move to Calgary Alberta.  There he worked at United Chemical Company, UCL a company based out of Saskatoon and with a brand new expansion to Calgary to supply the City of Calgary with Aluminum Sulfate and other industrial chemicals. Reg jumped at the chance to gain experience and work with machines and equipment around the new plant as to help integrate and improve the efficiencies of the  control systems via new PLC programed ECU Modbus and Modbus + based systems from Siemens.

A few years later the Calgary  plant was purchased by Sherritt Gordon Mines Inc http://www.sherritt.com/English/Company-Profile/History/default.aspx that took over the United Chemical Ltd (UCL). Reg continued to work with the new owner’s operations  in Calgary and Fort Saskatchewan. Reg continued to gain invaluable knowledge via courses in Safety Management - Nationwide Safety Management and Consulting company, Loss Control Management at DNV institute, Environmental management - HazMat environmental, Business Operations, QE Quality Control, ISO, Accident Investigation, Loss Management, Public Relations, and Administration.

In his free time when working at Sherritt, Reg continued to work with his own home based modern computer systems and other new technologies, developing his own software/ hardware integrated systems to help with handling problems with dangerous goods packaging and WHIMIS (Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS)) control. In 1995 Reg sold his system to Sherritt Gordon Mines   and other chemical companies.   After sixteen years of employment at Sherritt Reg started  his own sole proprietor company Riemer Consulting Technical Services, RCTS http://rctscanada.com. His clients were chemical and mining companies including Sherritt Gordon. Business was good over the next few years. In 1997 Reg expanded and incorporated RCTS to become RCTS Canada R&D Inc, still based in Calgary Alberta, Canada. RCTS became a landowner with the purchase of a Commercial property at 526 Cleveland Crescent S.E.

Reg always had an interest in automobiles and this did not stop from the time of restoring his first car.  While in the early years working at Sherritt Reg was working on building street cars as well as building a race car for rallying and ice racing in Calgary.  Cars of this time were evolving from carburation to Electronic fuel Injection (EFI), Reg found that the control systems and tuning systems were proving inadequate in calculation speed and resolution.  Reg found ways to repurpose computers in custom ways to allow the first EFI systems to function properly and be custom tunable.  Reg purchased a new Toyota Supra with EFI and started to work with the EFI systems and learned how they were programmed and tuned. He and his team had some considerable success racing it.   The backbone of RCTS’s new line of business was being formed.  The work with EFI systems and performance tuning became his prime interest and the focus of his company. RCTS moved steadily into automotive performance and away from the chemical and process companies.

Over the years at RCTS Canada R&D Inc, Reg put his experience and innovation skills to work with EFI systems and computers to consult and do contract work with a number of factory race teams and corporations in Europe and USA. Consulting, contracts and sponsorships followed, these include; TTE-Toyota Team Europe-TMG, TRD USA, TMME Toyota Europe, TRD Japan, HKS USA, and HKS Co., Ltd Japan.  RCTS now employs six people in automotive performance.